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Welcome to my creative journey—two decades of refining, experimenting, and defying norms. I’m all about breaking expectations with a playful touch. No pretentious vibes—just art that’ll make you smile or even burst into laughter.

Explore my virtual gallery, a mix of traditional oils, digital collages, and wild experiments. Dive in, discover your inner artist, and get ready to clutch those pearls in sheer delight. Let’s make art magic together!

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1988 Group shows of 2023 – Los Angeles, CA
Crazy4Cult 16 – October – 2022 – Los Angeles, CA
Abyss Gallery – Group Exhibition, 2017-2018
Montreal Squared – Benefit Art Auction – October 2015 – Montreal, QC
Participated in MURAL 2019 in collaboration w/ Montreal artist
Le Cercle – Group Exhibition – Quebec, QC

Step into the world of Le Mal, where art meets audacity! Fearlessly pushing boundaries and taking risks, I’m on a mission to amuse, intrigue, and challenge you. My whimsical style is a perfect blend of playfulness and a sharp wit, making every piece a delightful adventure.

I’ve got a knack for turning familiar themes on their heads, infusing surprise and wonder into each creation. But it’s not all fun and games—there’s a method to the madness. Dive deep, and you’ll discover a thoughtful exploration of complex ideas and emotions, from identity to the wild ride of the human experience.

Sure, I touch on weighty topics like alienation and the search for meaning, but don’t worry, my art won’t weigh you down. No heavy-handed lectures here—just an invitation to engage, draw your own conclusions, and maybe share a laugh or two.

Join me in the art playground, where I’m always experimenting with new techniques, from traditional oil painting to wild mixed media. Let’s turn the canvas into a canvas of possibilities together! 🎨✨

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